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After a life changing experience way back in 2008 it soon became very clear that my life would never be the same again & I wouldn't be able to return to the job I loved as a local charity fundraiser.
Starting the new decade of 2010, I was researching lots of different avenues to explore & something struck a chord with home accessories & giftware and so Home Inspirations was born.
One of our very 1st lines was butterfly clips. There is something very special about the butterfly & for many it represents a positive symbol & life cycle. Being so pretty, sparkly and versatile, you really can put our clips anywhere so much so they are still a popular range, making appearances at all the events we attend. In fact butterflies can be found on of many of our products, a regular & rather proud reminder of our beginnings. 
Today our inspirations are still as strong as they have ever been. Our flame lamps range is inspired from cosy nights in sat beside the fire. Our mosaic lamps are a range inspired by holidays on warmer shores and our jute bags in particular are related to home life from reading stories to children, favourite sayings or phrases, love of animals & even my own childhood memories.
Our aim is to share all of these inspirations with you.
"O'Harna" springs to mind meaning everyone is included & no one gets left behind.
Being a Shropshire based company with so many gorgeous places to visit right on our doorstep, don't be surprised if local landmarks appear from time to time...well how could we not.

Hopefully you'll be inspired too.
Michelle x


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